Krista McCarty

Hartley, Iowa
Krista McCarty is a foodie who enjoys developing new food products. She and a team of food science students developed a formula for gluten free, ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls and took it to a national competition.
One of her favorite activities is looking for new food products at the grocery store. She also follows several sources on twitter to keep up with food products, intellectual property developments, recalls and food industry news. She has recently been employed by an ingredient company as an assistant research scientist where she will get to apply her food science knowledge and her love for baking. 
One of her passions is finding a cure for cancer. McCarty is co-president of Colleges Against Cancer of ISU which organizes the annual Relay for Life event on campus.
“I Relay for my mom. 
She passed away from her 3 1/2 year battle of cancer when I was 11.  
I Relay for all children, so they may never experience the loss of a parent to cancer.
I Relay for all families who must go through the fight of having a family member with cancer.
I support the fight against cancer because I do not want anyone to go through the struggle of being told, ‘You have cancer.’  
I Relay to encourage everyone to have hope because one day we will find a cure!”