Kelly Goossen

Davenport, Iowa
My experience
My experiences at Iowa State have been great, from going to Alabama with my classmates to being in my first lecture with over 300 students. I have made many friends in and out of my major and met many professors that are just the coolest. The professors interact with you at such a personal level - which I didn't expect at such a big university. Even in my the large lecture class, with over 300 students, my professor remembers me and says hi when we meet on the sidewalk.
What I enjoy
What I enjoyed the most at Iowa State so far is forestry camp, it's a three week long trip that helps you learn about the different options for your forestry degree. We explored many different things and I saw a side of forestry I had never seen before. It really helps you decide what you want your focus to be.
My major
I picked forestry as my major because I wanted to do something with and for nature. In forestry I can help ensure a forest stands for future generations, while still providing all the goods and services we get from the forest. My main focus is the nursery aspect of the field. In nurseries you can grow seedlings and have them ready to be planted for companies after a harvest. I think that plays a big role in ensuring continuous forest stands in the future.
My goal
I want to be a nursery manager and maybe someday start my own nursery. I would like to relocate to the southeast and work in a nursery there. Forestry camp helped me make that decision.