Jennifer Blaser

Bettendorf, Iowa
Why Iowa State University
There are five reasons I chose to attend Iowa State University. The first reason is Iowa State has a BEAUTIFUL campus, and each building is unique. Iowa State offered so many opportunities to get involved and meet people, Iowa State was close but not too close to home, Iowa State had the most enthusiastic tour guides, and finally, the Iowa State spirit was something I wanted to be a part of; everyone was friendly and welcoming. Iowa State has been a perfect fit. It’s given me more than I could possibly have imagined through the numerous opportunities to succeed in academics, service, and leadership.
Coming to Iowa State as a freshman, I was an open option major. In October, I decided to major in Biology. Then I changed my major from Biology to Microbiology after a friend encouraged me that this was this best major ever. I decided to look through the course catalog and realized "oh, I want to take this immunology micro class" and "oh, well this micro lab sounds interesting", and "I have to take this medical micro class!"  Basically, I realized that I wanted to take every microbiology course possible, since I am interested in going into the health field as a future career.
Greatest experience
Being so involved in campus life has blessed me with the chance to grow as an individual and as a contributing member to the community while learning more about Iowa State. The networking between student organizations leads to numerous opportunities for character enrichment and leadership experience, which is why I feel it's so important to become a part of Iowa State through its 800+ clubs and organizations!
International Experience
I participated in a two-week medical mission to Costa Rica and Nicaragua through an organization called International Service Learning. I heard about this organization through some friends in the ISU Pre-Medical Club who had gone on the trip the previous year. This trip was an incredible hands-on learning experience.
Future career
I will be attending the University of Iowa for medical school this fall. I’m looking forward to a career as a physician, possibly specializing in pediatrics, allergy, or infectious disease. I also hope to continue my service and partake in medical mission trips to impoverished countries/communities.
Join a service organization your first semester at school! My decision to become a member of Alpha Phi Omega (service organization) has changed my life. It was founded on the principles of leadership, friendship, and service, so I was able to grow as a leader and contribute to the community on a regular basis along with meeting many great friends! These volunteer experiences translate into fostering better relationships, more well rounded communities and wonderful intangible beginnings to your future.
What is the hardest part about college?
Finding time to do everything. =)