Hannah, Bart, and Holly Howard

Muscatine, Iowa
What was life like for three siblings who shared a house and the same college?
Holly, Bart and Hannah Howard, three siblings from Muscatine, Iowa, spent the last year together attending Iowa State University – all had majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Holly Howard
Holly is a May graduate in animal ecology, environmental studies and biology. She will be working in Alaska as an Interpretative National Park ranger in the Western Arctic National Parklands. She said living with her siblings was just like living at home, except she had to pay rent. Her most memorable event this year was the vacation the three took to Florida over spring break. They packed up to escape Iowa’s winter and visited Florida during one of the coldest periods on record, but, she said, they had an amazing time.
Bart Howard
Bart is a senior in agricultural business. He’s spending his summer working as a timber sales prep with the U.S. Forest Service in Saratoga, Wyoming. He’s also a certified firefighter and is prepared, as needed, to fight forest fires. He said his sisters are his best friends and they enjoy a lot of inside jokes. His most memorable event this year was watching their dog Shasta grow up.
Hannah Howard
Hannah is a sophomore in forestry. This summer she’ll be teaching swimming lessons in Ames, Iowa and studying abroad in Valencia, Spain. She hopes to finish her Spanish minor at the University of Valencia and tour Europe while she’s there. She had a great time living with her siblings this year and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Her most memorable experience this year, was traveling south to escape Iowa’s winter. She said they spent most of the time in New Orleans. During the trip they did a lot of sight seeing that included museums, plantations, a swamp tour, a New Orleans vampire tour, hiking the Great Smoky Mountains and swimming in the ocean in 30 degree weather.