Emily Zimmerman

Marinette, Wisc.
My goal
Ultimately, I would like to work in sustainable development within unindustrialized nations. As a third-year student, I am currently planning to apply for graduate school next year. 
Science With Practice
I believe that Science With Practice is one of the College of Agriculture and Life Science's "best kept secrets." The program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to work with a faculty mentor in a variety of different fields. Students are awarded credits for their participation in the program, and are also paid. The program allows students to gain valuable insight into their field of interest while building skills and networking in the Iowa State community. I am enrolled in my second semester of Science With Practice, and am hopeful to continue to a third semester. 
My Experiences
Iowa State, and the surrounding community, truly has something to offer for all students.   Academically, I have been blessed in my classroom experiences and have had a number of professors that truly care about the success of their students. Outside of the classroom, I have enjoyed a number of athletic events including Cyclone Alley, Cyclone football, and gymnastics. The extra-curricular opportunities are everywhere too - Tri Beta Honor Society, NSCS Honors Society, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Freshmen Council are just some the activities I have been involved with.
Advice for High School Students
The opportunities at universities like Iowa State are everywhere; so get involved! Whether it's in the laboratory, on the athletic field, or within your residence hall, being involved will help you transition from high school to university. It will help you to meet new people, gain new experiences, and figure out what you love to do. There is no time like the present!