Elizabeth Burns-Thompson

Alburnett, Iowa
This summer I participated in the Greece Agricultural Entrepreneurship Study Abroad Course. Our class traveled to Greece to learn more about innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture. 
What I learned
It was amazing to see the differences in barriers for start up businesses between the United States and Greece. It was also interesting to see the level of dependence upon agricultural subsidies in each country. We were able to visit a variety of agricultural businesses in Greece, including a water buffalo farm, an algae farm, a pistachio farm, a fruit cooperative and much more. We also took time to tour the cities and learn as much as we could about ancient Greece.
Most outstanding moment
The history of Greece is richer than any other nation on this earth. It's amazing how they are able to piece together the past from more than a couple hundred centuries ago. The most eye-opening moment for me was standing in front of the Parthenon in Athens and trying to put myself in the shoes of the ancient Greeks.  
It's important to study abroad
I am somewhat of a veteran to study abroad. This is my third trip and I am scheduled to go on the Panama travel course during my winter break. I can say from experience that the study abroad trips/courses are some of the best times you will have as an undergraduate. There is no better, or more affordable way to see the world than with the university. By experiencing someone else's culture and living inside their world, you are better able to understand and appreciate what we have in the United States.
Thank you
I would like to thank Stacey Noe, Kevin Kimle, Lori Youngberg, and the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative for making this trip possible.