Darrin Rahn

Milledgeville, Illinois
Great Reputation
I ultimately decided to attend Iowa State University because of the renowned reputation the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences has in the industry and the accessibility of combining a College of Business degree program, as well. The combination of the two were a great fit with the career path I wanted to pursue, and when I stepped on campus for my first visit the atmosphere and Cyclone pride was unparalleled.
Best Decision I Made
Without a doubt, I have never regretted my decision to attend Iowa State University. Beyond my academic load and classroom experiences I am involved with the Iowa State College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Student Council, National Agri-Marketing Association, CALS Ambassadors, Agricultural Business Club, University Honors Program, Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, and Product Development Team. The opportunities are endless at Iowa State in finding something that aligns with your interest, and I’ve been fortunate to have advisers, professors, and faculty members help guide me.
Job Opportunities
Currently a junior, I have already held two summer internship positions in the agriculture business and marketing sector. Two summers ago I served as a marketing communications and public relations intern with CMA Consulting, LLC. located in Johnston, Iowa. As an intern, I had the opportunity to work on diverse consultancy projects with clients ranging in issues management, media relations and strategy development needs all specializing in the food and agriculture industry. This past summer I served as the business development intern at West Central in Ralston, Iowa witnessing firsthand the aggressive, corporate business development culture. I worked alongside the structuring and execution of strategic corporate proposals, negotiating of legal terms and conditions, financial assessment and analysis, and deal closure. The career services office has also assisted in placing me with an on-campus job working as an undergraduate research assistant for the department of economics.
Study Abroad
This past summer I had the opportunity to travel to Greece for two weeks on an Iowa State travel course and had a blast experiencing all the sights and sounds. Our group of over twenty Iowa Staters traveled the Greek countryside visiting niche entrepreneurial business operations and attractions while exposed to local culture, language, economy, government, history, and culture.