Cortney Schmidt

Ocheyedan, Iowa
What I like about the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
I really enjoy the "helping" attitude in CALS. If someone doesn't have the answer they will find it for you. It is a great environment to learn and meet people because everyone has some interest in the same underlying topic - agriculture.
Join a Learning Community
I'm a peer mentor with the agricultural education and studies department learning community. I would advise every freshman to sign up to be a member of a learning community. It's a great way to meet people because you have classes, study groups and networking with your peers.
Study Abroad
Take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. You can learn things that aren't in the textbooks and along the way meet amazing new friends.
How I Chose My Major
I chose my major by accident. My father farms and mom is a teacher. I can see the benefits they've enjoyed in their jobs and decided I could have the best of both worlds by becoming an agricultural education teacher. Through organizations such as the FFA I learned what an impact an ag ed teacher can have on a student and the difference they can make. I decided that I wanted to make a difference for someone the way my family and teacher's have done for me.
Cortney Schmidt is featured in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences STORIES magazine on page 15.