Chris Dean

Linn Grove, Iowa
What I enjoy about agronomy
I like how the staff and faculty make you feel at home. The department is not very big, so it is easy to get to know professors. By the end of the semester they usually know you on a first name basis. Your advisor knows you and it's easy to talk to everyone.
Why I came to Iowa State
I grew up on a farm and knew that I wanted to stay in agriculture in some way. I knew that ISU was a top ag school and since I'm from Iowa, I knew it was my best choice. My visits with the ag business and agronomy departments helped to seal the deal. They were very friendly and gave me multiple reasons to come to ISU.
My Experiences
At Iowa State I have experienced many things. As a member of the Agronomy and Ag Business Clubs I have met many different people.  VEISHEA week and Ag Week are always great experiences. I have made many new friends in my classes and in the clubs.
What's great about the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
One of the best parts of CALS is the career fair. I was able to get internships the past two summers because of the people I met at the career fair. It is a great event and everyone should go to at least get your name out there.
Another great part is how easy everyone in CALS is to work with. If you need help with class scheduling or anything like that there is always a person you can talk to who will help you or direct you to someone who can help.