Andy Edson

Nashua, Iowa
Renting 600 acres and taking a full class load, keeps Andy Edson busy. On weekends the agricultural business major works on his home farm near Nashua, Iowa.
Even though he’s managing a farm two hours away from Ames while tackling a full class schedule, he doesn’t see himself as an entrepreneur. He says it’s how you approach business that defines entrepreneur.
“An entrepreneur is someone who is innovative and tries to do things differently,” Edson says. 
Edson, who is part of the fifth generation to grow up on his family farm, plans to partner with his dad and perhaps run the operation in the future. It’s a transition they have slowly begun. 
Although he’s had to cut back on club activities, he’s continued to stay active in the National Agri-Marketing Association. 
Edson’s story isn’t typical. Less than 15 percent of the college’s graduates plan to go into production farming. For students who want to farm, the Beginning Farmers Network student club offers resources and opportunities to meet with farmers and experts.