AccessPlus (A+)

General Information about AccessPlus

AccessPlus is a secure campus online information system.  The login page is at

A list of frequently asked questions, login instructions, and troubleshooting may be found at

Student Options

Students can use AccessPlus to print enrollment certification, register for classes, view and print grades, view or print their class schedule, verify their address and other personal information, update their in-session or interim address, sign up for direct deposit for payroll, view payroll information, check their CyCash balance, grant third-party access, receive ISU alerts, view and / or print an up-to-date degree audit, review their financial aid, view and pay their university bill, print 1098T tuition summary statements for tax reports, view residence hall information, search for jobs on and off campus, print an unofficial transcript, order an official transcript, apply for graduation, etc.

Adviser Options

Advisors, by clicking on the Faculty / Advisor tab, can view a list of their advisees, see class schedules, run degree audits, submit degree audit adjustment requests, view Transfer Credit Evaluations, access grade reports (including midterms), and view a list of their advisees with midterms, among other things.

Degree Audits

A degree audit is an individualized report that reflects a student’s academic progress toward a specified degree.  It compares the student’s course work (both from ISU and transfer work from other institutions) with the academic degree program, and then prepares a report detailing the student’s progress.

For more information on degree audits, please see

Degree Audit Adjustments

If an advisor wishes to modify one or more of the requirements on the degree audit, they must submit a Degree Audit Adjustment Request.  Further information can be found at