Academic Calendar and Important Dates

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar can be found at

Has midterm grade dates, registration dates, holidays and breaks, drop/add deadlines.  It also has other deadlines:  u-bill payment deadlines, last day to register without a late fee, last day to return textbooks, last day to audit a course, last day to change a course to pass/not pass.

Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes can be found at  Classes for each term may be searched by department or by doing an advanced search included course number, meeting date times, etc.  It also has information on meeting dates and times, textbooks and supplies, and the number of seats available.

The class schedule planner ( is helpful in finding combinations of classes that will fit together in a schedule.  Students can add classes they are considering into the program to generate possible schedules, can check on open seats in classes, and can keep track of credits.

Class schedules can be viewed on AccessPlus after they are created:  it will display meeting dates, time, instructor (when assigned), room (when assigned), and textbook information.

Student Registration

Students can register for classes through AccessPlus.  This requires a Registration Access Number (RAN).  This number is provided to advisors prior to the registration start date on AccessPlus.

Students gain access to enroll based on number of credits completed and enrollment status.  Students enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine, graduate students, and seniors have access to enroll first, then juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

Registration date and start time for each individual student are shown on AccessPlus under current student info.  Registration begins approximately nine weeks into the semester and the freshmen register about one month later.  Registration for summer classes takes place at the same time as registration for the upcoming fall semester.

Registration must be completed by the Friday before classes begin to avoid a late fee.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes can occur throughout the semester.  Procedures vary for half- and full-semester classes.

  • Period 1 ends on the fifth day of classes.  All schedule changes are free during this and may be done through AccessPlus.  If the class has no seats open the instructor’s signature is required.  Not counted on the student’s record as a drop.
  • Period 2 goes from week 2 through the end of week 10.  Add/drop slip required with a fee charged.  Advisor and instructor’s signature required.  Counts as a drop on the student’s record.  Add/drop slip taken to 10 Enrollment Services.  Appears as an X on the Student’s Grade Report. 
  • Period 3 goes from week 11 through the end of the semester.  Classes may only be dropped for extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control (i.e., medical absences, active duty, family emergencies).  Requires support of advisor and approval of the dean of the student’s college.  Some circumstances may be considered an administrative drop, so the student will not be charged and the drop will not appear on the student’s record.

Midterm Grades

A midterm is an academic warning (indicates a grade of C- or lower and/or classes not attended) issued to students at the end of the eighth week.  Instructors are not required to submit midterm grades, and they are not recorded on student transcripts.  They are not issued during summer semester. 

Students, advisors and the CALS Student Services office have access to midterm grades.

Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor and instructors about options (tutoring, dropping the class, etc.).  Advisors should contact students receiving multiple midterms.

More information about midterms can be found online.

Final Exams

General information about final exams can be found at

Final exam schedules are published in the Iowa State Daily, distributed to departments, and are available online.  Here are specific links for fall night exams, fall final exams, spring night exams, and spring final exams.