CALS Research Mission

Orientation to research: science with practice

Research mission

Advance agriculture and life sciences research to address major societal challenges, including food and economic security, productive and sustainable food systems, stewardship of natural resources and biodiversity, biorenewable energy, and climate adaptability. We explore new ways to integrate research results with extension and outreach programs to promote economic growth and opportunities.

  • Generate and share basic and applied research results that improve approaches to persistent and emerging societal challenges.
  • Transform discoveries into viable technologies and services, insightful data for policies, and essential science-based information for public use.
  • Stimulate innovation through collegial exchange of ideas and dynamic collaborations across scientific disciplines

Address Local to Global Challenges

  • Produce & disseminate basic and applied research results that address food security, food safety, climate change, natural resources, renewable energy and human health.
  • Enhance programs that promote economic growth & entrepreneurship.
  • Translate discoveries into viable technologies, products & services to strengthen economy.
  • Build and enhance extension, outreach and global partnerships that expand impact of College programs.

Research Approach & Priorities

  • Support individual PI research
  • Leverage strengths & emphasize teams involving agricultural, food & life sciences; environmental sciences; & social sciences.
  • Advance Team Science –
    • Compelling issues, complex problem solving, multidisciplinary approaches
    • Foundational to applied

Administrative & Institutional Support