CALS Research Mission

Orientation to Research: Science with Practice

Mission & Challenges

  • Approach & Priorities & Support
  • Some Facts
  • Your Activities with our support Joe Colletti, Senior Associate Dean

College Mission: Research

Mission. Educate future leaders, conduct mission-oriented basic and applied research and share new knowledge for the betterment of Iowa and the world. We embrace our critical role in addressing challenges in food security, food safety, climate change, environmental stewardship, renewable energy and human health.
- CALS Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Mission-oriented Research

  • anticipates effects of new technologies & emerging socioeconomic structures
  • encompasses equally important benefits - enhanced public health, clean water, diverse wildlife, rural amenities & social well-being

Address Local to Global Challenges


  • Produce & disseminate basic and applied research results that address food security, food safety, climate change, natural resources, renewable energy and human health.
  • Enhance programs that promote economic growth & entrepreneurship.
  • Translate discoveries into viable technologies, products & services to strengthen economy.
  • Build and enhance extension, outreach and global partnerships that expand impact of College programs.

Expectations: Transformational, creative research. Entrepreneurial faculty, staff and students. Expanded sponsored funding efforts. Research and extension that enhance economic development. Faculty and graduate students recognized internationally for research progress. Insightful analysis that informs policy development.

Research Approach & Priorities

  • Support individual PI research
  • Leverage strengths & emphasize teams involving agricultural, food & life sciences; environmental sciences; & social sciences.
  • Big Science –
    • Compelling Issues, complex problem solving
    • Basic to applied

Administrative & Institutional Support

  • Iowa Ag & Home Economics Experiment Station (IAHEES) [aka AES] provides pre-award & post-award support
  • Facilitation of individual & team research projects
  • Facilitation of collaborative research via Centers/Institutes and special research initiatives

Sponsored Funding Success FY13

CALS/AES led ISU in single-count awards

  • $47.64 mil CALS-AES
  • $39.79 mil ENG
  • $26.14 mil LAS
  • $23.72 mil VPRED
  • $17.50 mil EXT
  • $15.31 mil Vet Med
  • $06.66 mil CHS

So, what are we asking you to do as new faculty at ISU CALS/AES?

  • Pursue competitive grants, be entrepreneurial & think innovation!
  • Learn from mentors, Department Chairs & colleagues
  • Connect with Centers – CALS & VPR/ED
  • Connect with colleagues at other LGUs, industry/companies, agencies, NGOs & foundations

So, what are we asking you to do as new faculty at ISU CALS/ES?

  • Relate your research to LGU mission, CALS & ISU Strategic Plans
  • Think mission- oriented research (basic to applied) to help solve a grand challenge
  • Have an approved ES project
  • Do outreach & think/do impact(s), including broader impacts and diversity
  • Explore interdisciplinary research