Research Development

What is research development? 

It's the effort to prepare the ground for your research to take root and flourish.  Check here for opportunities for you to support publication costs, improve your grantsmanship, and support new ideas.

CALS internal research funding opportunities:

Publication subvention grants:

  • Scholarly works Defray costs for meritorious scholarly works such as books or digital media.
  • Open access fee support Defray costs for publication of articles targeted for high-quality, peer-reviewed open access journals when other funds are not available.

Grantsmanship workshops:

Grant Writing Support can be funded by CALS!  Learn more and request support here.

Gather a team:

Need support for initiating a team, creating a seminar series to grow an area, or coordinating a group to go after a big grant?  Ask for support to gather a team

Grant consulting:

The VPR website lists several grant consulting companies under contract to assist in writing proposals. You can request funding from CALS to support grant writing assistance. Funding is awarded based on availability of funds as well as the size of the potential grant and must be approved by the college prior to engaging a consultant. 

Conferences and travel:

Need funding for a conference or training?  Interested to be included in trips to interact with federal agency representatives in DC, Kansas City, or elsewhere?  Apply for support! The CALS Open Academy for Team Science (COATS) has these opportunities available to faculty & staff:

Conference management support:

Are you working to host a research meeting?  To request college support of your meeting, use this form.

Research seminar training:

Got an important talk coming up?  Maybe you've been selected as a keynote?  Up your game and deliver an excellent seminar!  Request training for public speaking from a coach who will help you one-on-one.  You'll be glad you did!




Email us Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, Associate Dean for Research and Discovery and Asrun Kristmundsdottir, Research Development Lead