Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Chair/Director Name: 
Stephen Dinsmore
(515) 294-6148
The Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management is dedicated to the understanding, effective management and sustainable use of our renewable natural resources through the land-grant missions of teaching, research, and extension. NREM’s disciplinary focus is broad in scope, ranging from individual organisms to landscapes, from natural to managed ecosystems, from wilderness to agricultural and urban systems, from local to international environments, and from resource preservation to utilization. Understanding and effectively managing our natural resources requires long-term vision and multidisciplinary approaches involving NREM personnel working with people from other diverse disciplines across the university and within federal and state agencies and non-governmental organizations. NREM reflects a diversity of disciplines, including ecology and other biological sciences, social science, economics, sustainable resource management and utilization, and human dimensions. NREM serves society through the land-grant tradition of working with undergraduate and graduate students, state and federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and the public.
Mailing Address: 

339 Science Hall II, Ames, Iowa, 50011