Research News Releases

Beaver dams: Beneficial for watersheds?

February 6th, 2023
Two bearded men, one of them standing next to and one  in a beaver dam pool,
AMES, Iowa – A novel research project investigating beavers and the dams they build is exploring the influence of this industrious, little-known animal on water quality and hydrology (water movement) within Iowa watersheds. “Once plentiful,...

Iowa State researchers help lead multistate project for a more diverse Corn Belt

January 19th, 2023
Diverse Corn Belt Logo
AMES, Iowa – In Iowa, more than 24 million acres are devoted to crops. That represents about 68% of the state’s land area -- and more than 94% of that land is used to produce corn and soybeans, according to the latest National Agriculture...

If at first you don’t succeed: Award-winning researcher perseveres through funding challenges

January 13th, 2023
Professor Joshua Selsby, Department of Animal Science. Photo by Christopher Gannon, Iowa State University.  by Ann Y. Robinson Joshua Selsby, professor of animal science at Iowa State University, studies the mechanisms of muscle disease and...

CALS announces seed grants to leverage existing and future research

December 16th, 2022
The Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station has announced seed-grant level funding for eight applications to advance research capacity in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Iowa State University.   “Many of our...

Iowa State University agronomist predicts the future through modeling

December 7th, 2022
Group of people on staircase with woman in red jacket and green cap cheering.
AMES, Iowa – Sotirios Archontoulis started out as a field crop researcher. “Every research project led to more questions,” he said. A mentor encouraged him to pursue modeling to find answers more quickly and cheaply. He took their advice and now...

Broiler research points to lasers as environmental enrichment devices

November 30th, 2022
Immature broiler chickens at feeder
AMES, Iowa — Motivating broiler chickens to move using specially designed lasers can boost animal welfare and improve meat quality. Research from Iowa State University shows periodically projecting randomly moving, dot-sized laser lights on the...

Iowa State University holds dedication ceremony for vehicle testing lab supported by Danfoss Power Solutions

November 21st, 2022
Line of people behind red ribbon with large farm vehicle in the background.
AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University’s Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering hosted a dedication ceremony on Nov. 17, 2022, to celebrate the completion of a new research lab that is one of only a few facilities in...

Turkeys placed at Iowa State teaching, research farm

November 14th, 2022
A group of young turkeys
AMES, Iowa – A total of 1,800 poults (young turkeys) were placed inside the new Stanley L. Balloun Turkey Teaching...

Plant scientist prepares emerging researchers for success in the lab and beyond

October 26th, 2022
Group of eight students in lab of Dior Kelley in front of landscape painting
AMES, Iowa – Mentoring young scientists is a career priority for Dior Kelley, assistant professor of genetics, development and cell biology at Iowa State University. “I always like to have...

New study led by Iowa State University mines blood cell data to improve swine health

October 18th, 2022
baby pigs
AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University scientists are leading a new study to mine the intricate content of pigs’ blood cells to improve selection for disease resilience. “We’re looking for new, more effective ways to measure and predict different...

Iowa Soybean Research Center funds new research at Iowa State University

October 12th, 2022
AMES, Iowa – The Iowa Soybean Research Center (ISRC) has awarded $300,000 in support of two soybean research projects at Iowa State University, reaching a $2 million milestone in soybean research funding by the center. The ISRC’s Industry...

Iowa State University consortium partners with industry to solve intractable waste problems

October 11th, 2022
AMES, Iowa — The Polymer and Food Protection Consortium at Iowa State University works with some of the largest companies in Iowa and around the world to help make their products safer and more...

Research helps develop remote sensing as tool to assess conservation implementation

October 6th, 2022
Map of Iowa shows estimated crop residue cover from 2011-2021 from remote sensing data.
AMES, Iowa — Being able to measure residue cover from satellite imagery is a long-term challenge that’s still a work in progress, but researchers are making headway. Improving remote sensing protocols for conservation tracking and planning has...

Major USDA grant supports pioneering agricultural genome to phenome collaboration led by Iowa State University

September 28th, 2022
headshot of man in suitcoat and red tie
AMES, Iowa — The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture announced today it is awarding more than $1.8 million to support the work of the...

Monarch Conservation Effort Report highlights Iowans' hard work

September 27th, 2022
Field with native plants growing, including milkweed .
AMES, Iowa -- Iowa has been steadily adding new habitat for monarch butterflies over the past couple of years. The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium recently released its...

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Bee & Wasp Squad

September 22nd, 2022
Pictured left to right, intern Stephanie Paris, Professor Amy Toth, graduate student mentor Erika Ibarra-Garibay, and intern Denisse Camarena pause for a photo at a field site near Dubuque, Iowa, where they were searching for bees. By Whitney...

Iowa Nutrient Research Center announces funding for new water quality projects

September 15th, 2022
INRC logo
AMES, Iowa — The Iowa Nutrient Research Center at Iowa State University announces funding of just over $1.4 million to support a dozen new water quality and nutrient management projects for 2022-2023. “This year, INRC celebrates its first...

Undergraduate biochemists gain unique opportunities through new summer research program

August 31st, 2022
Young researcher in lab coat with older scientist in lab, looking at microscopic samples slides.
AMES, IA -- A new summer program for promising young Iowa State University researchers will celebrate its first year with a showcase Thursday, Sept. 8, during which students will present their work and findings to mentors, peers and proud parents...

Lawrence-Dill joins Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research board of directors

August 26th, 2022
Portrait of Carolyn Lawrence-Dill standing with arms folded
AMES, Iowa – The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) has announced that Carolyn Lawrence-Dill has joined its board of directors. FFAR is a national organization focused on building public-private partnerships to fund bold...

Social media influencer seeks new level of expertise at Iowa State

August 23rd, 2022
Jess Pryles, creator of Hardcore Carnivore and current student in the meat science graduate certificate program, freeze dried bacon in liquid nitrogen before conducting various tests on it to measure fat, moisture and protein content. Much of the...

Case IH donates field cultivator to Iowa State University

August 22nd, 2022
Case IH tractor pulling a Tiger Mate field cultivator through a former corn field in the spring.
AMES, Iowa – Does putting in the time and effort in the spring to change out old sweeps on field cultivators for new ones lead to increased yields in the fall? Thanks to support from Case IH, researchers at Iowa State University are working on a...

Researchers show weather variability impedes ability to assess trends in Iowa’s water quality

August 17th, 2022
Map of Iowa with major watersheds outlined and monitoring sites indicated with yellow dots.
AMES, Iowa – When can we expect to see reduced levels of nutrients in our water if we make positive changes on the landscape? New Iowa State University research shows how complicated it is to give a sound answer to that question. The research...

Visiting students showcase summer research projects

August 17th, 2022
By Madelyn Ostendorf Rhajani Shepherd discusses her research on the development of hemp protein powder in the rotunda of Curtiss Hall. Nine students from across the country presented research at the Cyclone Scholars Summer Research Experience and...

Virtual reality could boost poultry health, say Iowa State University researchers

August 9th, 2022
Scene of hens in pen with virtual reality screens showing on pen walls.
AMES, Iowa — Watching videos may boost hens’ welfare and health, according to researchers at Iowa State University.   Using virtual reality technology, the scientists simulated a free-range environment in laying hen housing. They found that...

Agronomists join forces with engineering students to create innovative in-field research chamber to breed heat tolerant varieties

August 4th, 2022
Group of professors and students in front of portable greenhouse in a building.
AMES, Iowa — A multidisciplinary project at Iowa State University is harnessing engineering to solve agronomic challenges, enlisting undergraduates to develop an innovative research chamber to study soybeans’ responses in the field to current and...