Upper Midwest Manure-Handling Expo July 22

July 8th, 2009

AMES, Iowa — Iowa State University and the Iowa Commercial Nutrient Applicators Association will present the 2009 Upper Midwest Manure Handling Expo-SET for Fall: Safety, Efficiency and Technology for its first time in Iowa on July 22.

The expo will be at the Central Iowa Expo center near Boone. It is designed to provide a chance for exhibitors and consumers to discuss and compare manure-handling equipment, products and services and to provide educational opportunities for applicators and consultants.

Attendees will be able to interact with exhibitors, view manure application equipment demonstrations and attend both educational seminars and demonstrations. The schedule includes eight hours for attendees to visit exhibitor areas. A current list of exhibitors is available on the expo website (http://www.ag.iastate.edu/wastemgmt/expo_home.htm).

The educational seminars include sessions on: Managing Biosecurity on Swine Farms during Manure Removal; Hydrogen Sulfide Management during Manure Removal from Swine Deep Pits; Advances in Subsurface Application of Solid Manures; Iowa CAFO/AFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations/Animal Feeding Operations) Regulation Update; Research Review of Solid and Liquid Manure Application on Frozen Ground; and Managing Manure Application over Tile.

The educational sessions will be related to drag hose safety and will include considerations for spill response, leak detection and ruptured hose response. The demonstrations will be performed with full-scale equipment following liquid applications.

General admission to the expo is free and parking is available on site for $5 per car. The exhibitor registration charge is $650 for either a covered 10' by 10' space with electricity or a 40' by 70' lot. Other amenities are available for purchase from the Central Iowa Expo center.

The Upper Midwest Manure Handling Expo originated by interest from Wisconsin Commercial Manure Applicators to see side-by-side comparisons of multiple agitation and application equipment. Due to the continued interest the show has become a rotating event and is going to have its first appearance in Iowa.

For more information about the expo or to register as an exhibitor visit http://www.ag.iastate.edu/wastemgmt/expo_home.htm.


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