Meat Science Program Offers Online Graduate Certificate

July 13th, 2018

AMES, Iowa — The Iowa State University meat science program is offering a new online graduate certificate program.

“Our meat science program is one of the top programs in the world, and for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and training in meat science, the graduate certificate is a great option,” said Rodrigo Tarté, assistant professor of animal science.

The program is geared toward personnel in the food and meat industry, but is open to anyone who meets the qualifications. To earn a graduate certificate, students must complete 12 course credits. The program is still new, so there are only three courses being offered. As enrollment increases the department plans to create more courses, so people can choose classes that meet their needs.

“The nice thing about being 100 percent online is that people can take as little or as much time as they need,” Tarté said. “The program is designed to take about two years, but if people take a semester off or take more than one class a semester, that changes.”

Since the program is completely online, it’s not limited to those near campus.

“It provides an economical and practical option for everybody,” Tarté said.

The meat science program is celebrating its 100th anniversary and is one of the top-rated programs nationwide. The program is being offered because there is a gap in the industry when it comes to meat science professionals.

“Many companies in the meat industry end up hiring people with related experience instead of the direct experience that they are looking for since there is a shortage of people that are educated in meat science,” Tarté said. “They end up taking time to teach them the skills they wanted in the first place, which can be costly.”

Anyone interested in earning the meat science online graduate certificate can apply online or request more information by going to and selecting ‘Meat Science’ under ‘Programs’.



Rodrigo Tarté, Animal Science, 

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