Iowa Students Honored with Science Fair Awards

April 9th, 2002

AMES, Iowa — Chris Nelson, of Stuart, Iowa, and a senior at West Central Valley High School, won a $5,000 scholarship for his project "Soy Silage," at the 2002 State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa. The fair was held at Iowa State University, April 9 and 10.

Nelson compared traditional hay silage to soy-based silage, or feed for cattle. Nelson found that soy is an excellent feed, providing high nutrition to cattle and that it is economically viable as silage. The $5,000 scholarship, presented by the Iowa Space Grant Consortium, can be used at Iowa State, Iowa, Northern Iowa or Drake universities.

Several other Iowa middle and high school students picked up awards at the fair, which is the only statewide general science fair for middle and high school students in Iowa. Nearly 430 students displayed 355 projects at the fair.

Prizes are awarded at seventh- and eighth-grade levels. High school winners receive scholarships as well as other prizes. New this year are entries from sixth graders, which are in a trial competition year. Also, many topical awards are given by state, federal and industrial groups. Following is a list of many of the winners at this year's science fair and the schools they attend.

Iowa Space Grant Consortium Scholarship ($5,000)

Chris Nelson, West Central Valley High School

Iowa Energy Center Scholarships ($2,500)

Elizabeth McCauley, Central Lee High School

Adam Forshier, West Central Valley High School

John Schwinger, West Central Valley High School

State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa Scholarships

High School - Biological

1.) Sara Weirather, Central Lee High School ($1,000)

2.) Chris Nelson, West Central Valley High School ($800)

3.) Heather LeFleur, West Central Valley High School ($600)

High School - Physical

1.) Joseph Hove, Solon High School, ($1,000)

2.) Andrew Schlievert, Algona High School ($800)

3.) Ursula Adkins, Central Lee High School ($600)

High School - Team

1.) Daniel Blum and Jon Czinder, Maharishi School ($1,000)

2.) Sean Jezewski and Eric Ratliff, Regina High School ($800)

3.) Erin Denny and Megan Ernst, Algona High School ($600)

Middle School Awards

Eighth Grade - Biological

1.) Mauree Gibson, Central Lee Middle School

2.) Allison Wilson, West Central Valley Schools

3.) Adam Bennett, Pekin Middle School

Eighth Grade - Physical

1.) Nate Slayton, Manson Northwest Webster Middle School

2.) Daniel Thompson, Clay Central/Everly Middle School

3.) Nick Steenhagen, Roland-Story Middle School

Eighth Grade - Team

1.) Ryan Bunnell and Jeff Hall, Glidden-Ralston Schools

2.) Kellye Davis and Paige Whorley, Sheldon Middle School

3.) Paul Sauer and Tony Sneiderman, Sheldon Middle School

Seventh Grade - Biological

1.) Terry Meyers, Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne Middle School

2.) Ashley Deutschle, Pekin Middle School

3.) Joanne Halbur, Manning Community Schools

Seventh Grade - Physical

1.) Kyle Kunzmann, Clay Central/Everly Middle School

2.) Cam Buchanan, O.B. Laing Middle School

3.) Maria Kohlhaas, Seton Middle School

Seventh Grade - Team

1.) Lacey Kramer and Danielle Sonius, Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne Middle School

2.) Tiffany Kunecke and Carlisa Young, Glidden-Ralston Schools

3.) Tyler Johnson and Nick McGee, Colfax-Mingo Middle School

Sixth Grade - Biological (trial year)

1.) Hannah Seyb, Central Lee Middle School

2.) Daniel Freesmeier, Central Lee Middle School

3.) Cory Millmier, Central Lee Middle School

Sixth Grade - Physical (trial year)

1.) Lindsey Moon, Panorama Middle School

2.) Jordan Lightfoot, Central Lee Middle School

3.) Caroline Brandenburg, Sentral Community School

Sixth Grade - Team (trial year)

1.) Nicholas Julsrod-Wetjes and Jacob Tjaden, T-W-CL Middle School

2.) Amber Nerdig and Maria Zeller, O.B. Laing Middle School

3.) Haley Burgess and Shala Hawes, Central Lee Middle School


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