Iowa State Agricultural Research Among Most Cited Worldwide

March 4th, 2005

Over the past decade, Iowa State University was the 10th most-cited institution in the world in agricultural sciences, according to In-Cites, a Web site that tracks the use of scientific information that is mentioned in research papers worldwide.

From Jan. 1, 1994, to June 30, 2004, Iowa State ranked 10th among all institutions and fifth among the world’s universities. Among American universities, ISU ranked fourth, preceded by the University of California-Davis, the University of Wisconsin and Cornell University. According to In-Cites, scientists cited 1,196 agricultural science papers created at Iowa State 8,340 times over the decade.

"The fact that researchers are citing Iowa State agricultural research results to such a degree speaks volumes on the quality of our science and that it is in areas of vital concern," said Catherine Woteki, dean of the College of Agriculture and director of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station. The Experiment Station administers faculty research programs that support Iowa's agriculture, natural resources, family and consumer programs at Iowa State.

The fifth-most-cited researcher in agricultural sciences was ISU’s Patricia Murphy, University Professor of food science and human nutrition. Her 33 papers were cited 1,164 times. Murphy’s research (In-Cites interview of Murphy) includes work on fumonisins, a toxin in corn, and the study of isoflavones and other components in soybean foods that may have health-protective effects.

In-Cites is an editorial component of Essential Science Indicators, a Web resource that helps researchers analyze research and track trends in science worldwide. The top 20 institutions listed were chosen from among 298 government agencies and universities. The report can be found at:


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