Iowa Crop Performance Tests for Corn Celebrates 90 Years

March 2nd, 2009

AMES, Iowa - This year the Iowa Crop Performance Test—Corn is celebrating 90 seasons of continuous testing.

The trials were started by Henry A. Wallace in 1920 and are managed by Jim Rouse, director of the Iowa Crop Improvement Association (ICIA) at Iowa State University. During the upcoming year ICIA will release articles highlighting the history of the program.

"The program has succeeded because of farmers in Iowa and their use of the performance data, and the many seed companies, past and present, that participate in the trials. Without the trust and support of both of these groups the program could not have reached such a milestone," Rouse said.

The tests are conducted yearly at 24 locations across Iowa to provide information to farmers and help them select the best hybrids for their production needs.

ICIA is a nonprofit association that offers unbiased, third-party information to Iowa growers on the adaptation and performance of hybrids and varieties of corn and soybeans. All testing information, including the latest results, is available at

ICIA is the official seed-certifying agency for Iowa, with headquarters in the department of agronomy at Iowa State University. Its mission is to provide an unbiased source of service and education in production and quality assurance for Iowa agricultural crops. Founded in 1902, the association has provided seed production and crop performance testing services for 97 years.

The association's membership is composed of farmers, seed producers and others interested in crop improvement. The ICIA supports the Iowa State University Crops Team, sponsors the Iowa FFA Agronomy Career Development event, offers a summer internship program and awards five annual scholarships to Iowa State undergraduates.


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Jessica Vogel, Iowa Crop Improvement Association, (515) 294-6921,

Barb McBreen, Agriculture and Life Sciences Communication Service, (515) 294-0707,