ICIA Offers Weed Free Forage and Mulch Certification

May 26th, 2009

AMES, Iowa — Are you looking for mulch or straw without weed seeds for a roadside or erosion-control project?

The Iowa Crop Improvement Association's (ICIA) Web site is offering a connection between suppliers and buyers of certified forage and mulch. To be included individuals may sign up as potential suppliers, potential purchasers or current sources of certified forage and mulch.

The ICIA began offering forage and mulch free of noxious weed seed in 2006 as an opportunity for farmers to add value to their forage or mulch products. This program provides assurance that forage and mulch sold under this certification will not lead to the establishment of noxious and undesirable plants for its consumers. The forage and mulch fields and storage sites are inspected to verify that products are free of seed bearing plants, which includes 54 noxious or undesirable weeds.

The requirements and application forms can be found on the ICIA Web site at http://www.agron.iastate.edu/icia. For additional information please call (515) 294-6921.

ICIA is the official seed-certifying agency for Iowa, with headquarters in the department of agronomy at Iowa State University. Its mission is to provide an unbiased source of service and education in production and quality assurance for Iowa agricultural crops. Founded in 1902, the association has provided seed production and crop performance testing services for 97 years.

The association's membership is composed of farmers, seed producers and others interested in crop improvement. The ICIA supports the Iowa State University Crops Team, sponsors the Iowa FFA Agronomy Career Development event, offers a summer internship program and awards five annual scholarships to Iowa State undergraduates.


Eileen Wuebker, Iowa Crop Improvement Association, (515) 294-0546, eileen@iastate.edu

Barbara McBreen, Agriculture and Life Sciences Communications Service, (515) 294-0707, barbmc@iastate.edu