How can CALS support me in my research?

January 21st, 2022


How can CALS support me in my research? How do I ask for support? How can I be included in networking opportunities? Who has been supported by CALS and did the support seed new opportunities?

Providing support for your research is not a new thing in CALS, but knowing what’s available, how to apply, and who gets the support is. We’re in the process of updating the Research tab at the CALS website and will be including in that revamp links to apply for funds to support your work. We’re also committed to reporting out on who got supported and how. While we’re working to get the website revamped, use these links to apply for funding to Travel or Gather a Team. We’ve also got an opportunity now available to support Research Seminar Training.

We’re also revamping the method to receive notifications of grant opportunities. January funding alerts will include a link to join the funding opps listserv. Beginning February 1, only subscribers to the list will receive funding alerts from CALS.