Awards: Strategic Seed Grants for Facilities & Equipment

February 10th, 2022

The IAHEES funded 10 requests for equipment or infrastructure to advance research and research capacity for for existing Hatch/Multistate Projects.

Selected For Support

Title Lead PI Dept. Award Amount PI and Team Associated Hatch/Multistate Project(s)
Research Infrastructure for the Social Sciences: Providing Access to Restricted Federal Government Data ECON $10,000.00 John Crespi, Donghyuk Kim, Katherine Harris-Lagoudakis IOW04009; IOW03904
Gearing up to enhance beekeeping research EEOB $13,704.00 Amy Toth, Matthew O'Neal, Randall Cass, Nicholas Howell IOW05601; S1080
Instruments to Observe Crop Water Hydraulics AGRON $17,087.00 Brian Hornbuckle, Darren Drewry (Ohio State), Anton Kruger (UofI), Andy VanLoocke IOW05566
Enabling plate-based phenotyping of plant microbes PLPM $41,190.00 Gwyn Beattie, Thomas Baum, Mark Gleason, Larry Halverson, Leonor Leandro, W. Allen Miller, Daren Mueller, Nick Peters, Alison Robertson, Justin Walley, Steven Whitham IOW04308; IOW04108; IOW04208
Enhancing livestock air emissions monitoring ABE $43,544.00 Brett Ramirez, Richard Gates, Daneil Anderson, Laura Greiner IOW04100
Irrigation to advance crop health research PLPM $50,000.00 Alison Robertson, Leonor Leandro, Daren Mueller, Gary Munkvold, Greg Tylka, Gwyn Beattie, Larry Halverson IOW04108; IOW05659; NCERA-137; NC-1183; NC-1197
Breeding high yielding soybean cultivars for farmers using conventional and phenomic approaches AGRON $60,000.00 Asheesh Singh IOW04714
Particle size and zeta potential analyzer FSHN $80,000.00 Greg Curtzwiler, Kurt Rosentrater, Aude Watrelot, Nicolas Delchier IOW04202, IOW05545, IOW05516, IOW05558
Multi-Functional Benchtop SEM for Quantitative Phenomics GDCB $84,330.00 Dior Kelley, Marna Yandeau-Nelson, Erik Vollbrecht IOW03649
Dyno Lab Agricultural Vehicle Emission Measurement ABE $100,000.00 Brian Steward, Stuart Birrell, Ario Kordestani IOW03712

Request for Proposals & Selection Process


Available Funds $500,000
Number of Applications 23
Total Funds Requested $1,994,795
Lead PI Department, All Applications 11
Average (mean) Request Amount $86,730.22
Number of Proposals with Matching Funds 12
Average Matching Funds (Across All Applications) $16,837.36

Primary Reviewer Selection

  • 22 asked to serve across 12 departments, more than 8 agreed.  Reviewers selected were the first 8 who agreed to serve.
  • Proposals randomly assigned to reviewers with no COI (per COI list submitted by PI and reviewer agreement of no COI - note that one reviewer self-identified as COI on a proposal and was removed)

Review Process

  • Proposals were classed into 4 groups based on request amount, with 6 proposals in each group.  Because 23 proposals were submitted, one proposal was included in two groups.
  • Within each of the four groups, each reviewer got 3 proposals assigned and ranked these based on potential to expand the scope of existing projects, alignment to strategic initiatives, potential to facilitate team-based initiatives, and potential use for developing or enabling future requests for funding.
  • Secondary reviewers received all 6 proposals and the primary review rankings from one group. Secondary reviewers reviewed proposals and ranked their group's 6 proposals.  Secondary reviewers met to discuss their rankings.
  • CALS Associate Deans Lawrence-Dill and MacDonald compared rankings with available funds. Highly ranked proposals were selected for funding.  Some proposals were only partially funded to arrive at a figure near the funding figure available.
Primary Reviewers 8
Primary Reviewer Departments 7
Primary Reviewer Colleges 3
Secondary Reviewers 4
Secondary Reviewer Units VPR, CALS

Selected Applications

Full Funding 8
Partial Funding 2
Lead PI Departments 7
Included Matching Funds 5
Average Matching Funds $23,600
Total Funds Awarded $499,865

Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, Associate Dean for Research & Discovery