Astronaut and Iowa State Graduate on Campus April 11

March 25th, 2002

AMES, Iowa — An astronaut who earned a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Iowa State University will return to campus April 11 to participate in educational programming and a public reception.

Clayton Anderson graduated from Iowa State in 1983 and joined the Johnson Space Center in Houston the same year. On April 11, he will participate in two Iowa Communications Network (ICN) sessions for the NASA-Iowa Connection program. These events will be aired over the ICN for schools participating in the program and are not open to the public.

From 3-5 p.m., Iowa State's College of Engineering is hosting a reception for Anderson in Howe Hall. Anderson will give a short, informal speech. The reception is open to the public.

The NASA-Iowa Connection program is a cooperative project between NASA and Iowa Public Television to teach middle school students about science and technology in space. Approximately 25 classrooms throughout Iowa are participating in the project.

Anderson was invited to participate in the NASA-Iowa Connection program by Anthony Pometto, director of the NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center at Iowa State. ROur mission is to develop foods and food-processing technologies that enhance space missions and advance commercial food products," Pometto says. "We're engaging both commercial companies and academia to develop these food systems."

Anderson served in a number of positions at the Johnson Space Center before being chosen in 1998 to receive astronaut training. He is currently assigned to the International Space Station Operations Branch as the crew representative for the stationUs electrical power system. He is working on technical assignments until assigned to a space flight.


Anthony Pometto, NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center,(515) 296-5384

Katherine Carlson, NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center,(515) 296-5387

Susan Thompson, Agriculture Communications, (515) 294-0705