Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative transitions to Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

April 1st, 2022

This month, we will publicly mark the name and brand transition to Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences from the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative (AgEI).

The program, like any entrepreneurial venture, went from idea to action to organization producing results. We've had thousands of Iowa State University students take our courses and participate in experiential learning programs and internships. Hundreds of those students were engaged in our Student Incubator program, where they worked to develop plans for their own businesses and farms. As those students graduated and joined the ranks of ISU alumni, they've gone on to form hundreds of startup businesses and farms (see the Wall of Fame, which features some). 

One of the great experiences I have often is to meet one of those alumni on campus when they're visiting, at some public event I am attending, or at a speaking event. They'll tell me, "Hey, Kevin, I just wanted to let you know I'm doing it." Then they'll go on to tell me what they're doing with their business, farm, or community. They've started something!

Read the full announcement on the Start Something CALS website.


Kevin Kimle, Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 515-294-1803,