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June 1, 2021

Top Stories

Innovative Technologies Support Studies at ISU Research Farms
Two new pieces of precision farm equipment on Iowa State research farms are enhancing efficiency and accuracy for research trials, putting innovation to work for farms in the future. The automated C-Lock Super SmartFeed System arrived last year at the McNay Memorial Research Farm near Chariton, and is being used to monitor cattle and calves’ feed intake in research trials (above). At the Agricultural and Engineering and Agronomy Research Farm, between Ames and Boone, researchers are gearing up to test a smart manure spreader fitted with a Raven Rate Control Module, billed as the most precise application controller on the market and usually used on fertilizer applicators or sprayers. More


Pollinating Insects Can Help Soybean Yields
Insects can help soybean yields by carrying out more effective pollination, according to a recently published study conducted by an international team of scientists including Lisa Schulte Moore, natural resource ecology and management. The study suggests introducing pollinator habitat to soybean fields may lead to production benefits, in addition to environmental advantages. More

Carver Charitable Trust Supports Research Related to Blood Disorders
The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust of Muscatine, Iowa, has committed $381,385 over three years to support research by Raquel Espin Palazon, genetics, development and cell biology, that could contribute to fundamental knowledge and treatment of blood disorders, including leukemia, anemia and hemoglobinopathies. More

Extension and Outreach

Winemaking and Viticulture Webinars to Begin in June
The Joint Research and Winemaking Webinar Series with ISU Extension and Outreach and the University of Minnesota Extension will return June 1. The series will be offered in six 90-minute webinars offered monthly through Dec. 7. More

Survey Shows Iowa Land Rents Up Significantly in 2021
According to the Cash Rental Rates for Iowa 2021 Survey, conducted annually by ISU Extension and Outreach, rates have increased an average of 4.5 percent. “This is the first substantial increase in cash rents since 2013,” said Alejandro Plastina, extension economist. More

Corn Stover Harvest Workshops Available in June
ISU Extension and Outreach will host workshops in June to address emerging opportunities related to corn stover harvesting for the biomass feedstock needs of local industries. The workshops are a collaborative effort between the Iowa Corn Growers Association, Verbio North America and ISU Extension and Outreach. Pre-registration is required to attend. More

Around the College

Name Change for Sociology Department
Iowa State’s Department of Sociology is changing its name to better reflect students’ interest in criminal justice studies and to align with departments at the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa. Beginning July 1, the department will become the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. More

Video: Poultry Teaching and Research Facility
A new video featuring the Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Facility was released for National Egg Month, which was in May. The facility is open to the public. More


June 2: Conversations about Carbon
Frank Mitloehner, CLEAR Center Department of Animal Science at the University of California Davis, will present “A Path to Climate Neutrality in Livestock Production” at the Conversations about Carbon series on Wednesday, June 2, at noon. The series is hosted by the ISU Bioeconomy Institute in association with CALS. More

June 2: Iowa Learning Farms Webinar
Emerging concepts in biogas digestion and on-farm biogas production is the topic of the Iowa Learning Farms webinar on Wednesday, June 2, at noon. More

Communications Kiosk

Use Pacific Islander to Describe Indigenous People
Pacific Islander should be used to describe the Indigenous people of the Pacific Islands, including but not limited to Hawaii, Guam and Samoa. It should be used for people who are ethnically Pacific Islander, not for those who happen to live in Pacific Islands. Be specific about which communities are being referred to whenever possible. Do not use Asian Pacific Islander unless referring to Pacific Islanders of Asian descent. Do not describe Pacific Islanders as Asian Americans, Asians or of Asian descent. (Associated Press Stylebook newsletter, May 2021)


Video: Decoding Science
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine have released a new video titled “Decoding Science: How does science know what it knows?” Science isn’t about being 100 percent sure. To test ideas and search for answers, scientists observe and experiment. Through this process, they update and expand knowledge. More  

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