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March 1, 2021

Top Stories

Mickelson to Co-Lead Second Phase of WorkCyte
Steve Mickelson, chair of agricultural and biosystems engineering, received a four-year appointment as special advisor for student information systems in the office of the senior vice president and provost, effective today, March 1. Vice president and chief information officer Kristen Constant and Mickelson will lead Iowa State’s implementation of Workday Student and Workday Receivables. Amy Kaleita, professor and associate chair for teaching, will serve as interim chair of ABE. More  


UV Light Shows Promise for Combatting Aerosolized Viruses
Experiments testing the ability of ultraviolet light to stop the spread of a costly virus for pork producers have shown promise, according to an ISU research team led by Jacek Koziel, agricultural and biosystems engineering, and Jeff Zimmerman, veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine. More  

Study Looks at Cellulosic Feedstocks for Ethanol Production
Research by graduate student Kelsie Ferin and Andy VanLoocke, agronomy, considers an increase of growing cellulosic feedstocks for ethanol production and the effect it could have on land use and water quality, specifically nitrogen loss, in the Mississippi Atchafalaya River Basin. More
New Grant Helps Build On-Farm Research Network
The researchers who teamed up to build ISOFAST (Interactive Summaries of OnFarm Strip Trials Tool) have received two-year funding from USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture for a new project titled “FACT: WebBased Dynamic Data-Analytics Framework for OnFarm Research Networks.” Building upon ISOFAST, the project will help to share and provide unbiased accessible analyses of agricultural research data. More

Teaching and Students

Thompson Uproots Traditional Learning and Replants it Online
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Grant Thompson, horticulture, developed a comprehensive virtual learning option for his plant identification course. In recognition of his efforts, Thompson was presented the Excellence in Remote Instruction Award, one of several Iowa State COVID-19 Exceptional Effort awards given to faculty across campus. More  

Lemper-Manahl Ensures Students Safely Study Microbiology 
Claudia Lemper-Manahl, plant pathology and microbiology, received the Excellence in Face-to-Face Instruction award for her work to ensure the safety of students and staff in her in-person medical microbiology lab last fall. She put together a series of videos for her students that explained how to safely enter and exit the lab to prevent not only the spread of COVID-19, but also the spread of pathogens being studied in the lab. More  

Learning Communities Integral Part of Student Experience
Twenty-five years after learning communities began at Iowa State, they are now a thriving and integral part of the first-year student experience. Logan Kelly, a 2015 graduate in agricultural studies, wrote the following about Ben Chamberlain, agricultural education and studies learning community co-coordinator and academic advisor – “Know that your work has changed lives.” More

Zehr to Speak at Innovations in Recruitment Forum
The Student Innovation Center is holding Innovations in Recruitment on Friday, March 5, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. As educational institutions strive to attract and retain students, the forum will show how Iowa State is providing a more holistic approach to recruitment. Speakers include Andy Zehr, director of marketing and new student programs for CALS. More

Extension and Outreach

Monarch Report Shows Continuing Need for Conservation
A new report of decline in monarch overwintering population underscores continued need for conservation in the Midwest and North America, according to news released by Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium leaders. Adult monarch butterflies covered approximately five acres of forest canopy in Mexico, an area about two acres smaller than last year. More  

New Publication Focuses on Caring for Cattle in the Cold
While cold stress cannot be completely eliminated for cattle housed in typical outdoor facilities in the Midwest, a new publication from the Iowa Beef Center describes management practices to reduce the impact of cold stress on your herd. Caring for Cow Herds during Cold Weather is available as a free PDF download on the ISU Extension Store. More  

Around the College

CALS Faculty and Staff Honored by 25 Year Club
More than 20 faculty and staff in CALS departments, centers and units are being honored by Iowa State’s 25 Year Club. Due to COVID-19, the club will not hold its annual banquet, but will instead take an individual approach for this year’s honorees. Those recognized for 25 years of service are: David Acker, CALS Associate Dean for Global Engagement; Thomas Baum, Gwyn Beattie and Thomas Maier, plant pathology and microbiology; Rita Brueland, Lee Burras, Laura Marek and Kan Wang, agronomy; Joseph Cordray, animal science; Michael Fiscus, research farms; Kathy Hein and David Minner, horticulture; and Barb McBreen, CALS Communications Service. The following are honored for 35 years at the university: Eun Choi, economics; Mary Healey and Brad Skaar, animal science; Nicholas Howell, research farms; and Kathleen Reitsma, agronomy. Joseph Sebranek, animal science, Betty Wells, sociology, and Lester Wilson, food science and human nutrition, are recognized for 45 years of service. More  

Hamilton Poultry Facility Receives Equipment Gifts
The Department of Animal Science has received several gifts to operationalize the pedigree room in the Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Facility. Fienhage Poultry-Solutions contributed the pedigree room pens, and several farm groups within Versova, including Hawkeye Pride Farms, CenterFresh Farms and Iowa Cage-Free, donated funds for penning installation. The contributions provided a savings of $100,000 to the facility. In addition, Chore-Time donated hopper bottom bins that will provide feed to the pedigree room, with Goodman Classic donating the installation. More

NREM Reads Project Fostered Appreciation for Home and Diversity
Last fall, natural resource ecology and management leaders brought faculty and students together to read and discuss J. Drew Lanham’s book, The Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man’s Love Affair with Nature. The project fostered community as faculty, students and alums discussed aspects of home and reflected on culture and racism. More  

Iowa Pork Industry Center Honored
The Iowa Pork Industry Center was presented with the Iowa Pork Producers Association’s first President’s Award last week. The award recognizes all employees at IPIC for their work and dedication to helping Iowa’s pig farmers manage through so many extraordinary challenges to the industry in 2020. More

Leopold Center Releases 2020 Annual Report
The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture’s 2020 annual report is now online. The report offers articles on Leopold Center-supported projects, research and students, plus additional updates on center activities. More  

Nominations for Gamma Sigma Delta due March 19
The Iowa chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta, the honor society of agriculture, is accepting nominations for membership and awards. Nomination forms for faculty, staff and alumni membership  and awards are available online and are due March 19. More  


March 10: Carbon Renewal Forum
The Carbon Removal Forum is a campus-wide event to harness knowledge and capacity toward developing an Iowa State program in agriculturally based carbon removal. It will be held March 10, from 9 a.m. to noon, via Zoom. Attendance is free, but registration is required. More

April 5-9: Seed Business Management Webinar Series
The Graduate Program in Seed Technology and Business will host a free Seed Business Management Webinar Series the first full week in April. A one-hour session is scheduled each day at 11 a.m. It is free to all, but registration is required. More

Communications Kiosk

A Verb and its Moods
Mood indicates the manner in which the verb expresses an action or state of being. The three moods are indicative, imperative and subjunctive. The subjunctive mood is not often used in American English, although it is useful when you want to express an action or state not as a reality but as a mental conception. Typically the subjunctive expresses an action or state as doubtful, imagined, desired, conditional, hypothetical or otherwise contrary to fact. In addition to the hypothetical (if I were you), the subjunctive mood can be used to signal wishes (if I were a rich man), conjectures (oh, were it so), demands (the landlord insists that the dog go) and suggestions (I recommend that she take a vacation). And despite its decline, the subjunctive mood persists in stock expressions such as perish the thought, heaven help us, or be that as it may. Part three of three. (Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, pg. 236)


Register for ISCORE 2021
Register now for the Thomas L. Hill Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity, scheduled for March 4-5. ISCORE is the university’s local initiative designed to provide an ongoing platform of sharing and applying new knowledge through presentation and workshops. The forum is free and open to the Iowa State community. A preconference is scheduled for March 3. More  


Block and Bridle Cake Auction, March 4
The Block and Bridle Club will be holding a cake auction on Thursday, March 4, at the Iowa Farm Bureau Pavilion. Cakes arrive at 4:20 p.m., judging and an open house begin at 5 p.m. and the live auction starts at 5:30 p.m. All proceeds go to animal science scholarships. More  

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