CALS Announces CALS Advisory Panel for Engaged Research

CAPER is a new faculty team working to help CALS researchers achieve more. Their charge: identify opportunities to improve administrative processes that support and encourage the research enterprise.

CAPER is made up of one researcher from each of the CALS departments. For departments with a Research Associate Chair, that’s the CAPER. For others, members are selected in consultation with department chairs. Got an idea to make things work better?  Contact your CAPER!

ABE:       Michelle Soupir AGEDS:  Mike Martin AGRON:  Danny Singh ANSCI:    Nick Gabler    BBMB:     Dipa Sashital ECON:     John Crespi EEOB:     Jeanne Serb FSHN:     James Hollis GDCB:     Maura McGrail HORT:      Ajay Nair NREM:         Michael Weber PLPM/ENT:  Justin Walley SOCJ:          J. Arbuckle STAT:           Ranjan Maitra