CALS Council Senior Awardee: Stahl recognized for her leadership

Haley Stahl, fall 2021 recipient of the CALS Student Council Leadership Excellence Award, has worked to better the various clubs and organizations in which she has been involved on campus.

By Katelyn Boeding

Haley Stahl, senior in agronomy, is the fall 2021 recipient of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council Leadership Excellence Award.

As an Iowa State University student, she was involved in various clubs and organizations on campus. During her junior year, she had the opportunity to take on a role as an International Cultural Ambassador through the Cultural Ambassador Program. This semester-long program pairs international students and U.S. students based on mutual interests and hobbies. She was also involved in the Salt Company and the Ames Flyers Club. While she was involved in the Agronomy Club, she first served the club as the program chair and then as the president her senior year.

“I have been a leader in college by supporting and collaborating with my peers, having a strong drive to better the organizations I am a part of, and working to motivate others to take opportunities out of their comfort zone,” Stahl said. “What made my time so memorable was the amazing people I met through these organizations and the experiences we had.”

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences had a tremendous impact on Haley during her undergraduate career. She is thankful for the financial support CALS provided her in the form of scholarships.

Besides Haley’s college involvement and professional experiences, she also has her remote pilot drone license. She was able to get this license her freshman year during an internship with Beck’s Hybrids.

The company needed another pilot, and she took this opportunity to learn a new skill and get out of her comfort zone.

“Having a drone license has allowed me to be a bigger competitor for internships, to expand my technological research skills, and have fun,” Stahl said.

When it comes to her experience at Iowa State, it is easy to say she had a very successful and memorable journey. She was able to grow as a leader and as a person through the experiences she had and the connections she made both personally and professionally.

Haley’s advice for current students is to “aim for at least one leadership position while in college and commit to an experience that is new and outside your comfort zone. Doing these two things will advance you personally, career-wise, and organizationally.” 

After graduation, Stahl will be working in research or the extension field. She appreciates all who have helped her find success as a student and become prepared for her next adventure.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported me during my time at Iowa State! I feel incredibly blessed for the experiences I've had and the wonderful, supportive people I've met along the way,” Stahl said.