50 Years at ISU: Don Beitz and Carl Bern Share their Experiences

Two professors at Iowa State University share some of their experiences and stories after 50 years of teaching. Don Beitz, Distinquished Professor of animal science, and Carl Bern, University Professor of agricultural and biosytems engineering professor.

Don Beitz clips  Carl Bern clips

  • Why did you decide to teach?  Beitz and Bern
  • What do you like about advising students? Beitz and Bern
  • Have students changed over the past 50 years? Beitz and Bern
  • Why did you go into ag engineering?  Bern
  • ISU biosciences discussion began in 1980s. - Beitz 
  • What brought you to Iowa State University? Beitz
  • Thankful for new building. Bern
  • Thankful for family. Beitz