Harvest-related Publications Included in Food Safety Series Available from Iowa State University

Hurburgh portait
Charles Hurburgh

AMES, Iowa — A series of training materials related to grain-handling and processing has been developed by the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative at Iowa State University and partners.

The publications and related video modules are available at no charge through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach by downloading through its store (https://store.extension.iastate.edu/Topic/Crops/Handling-and-Storage). The publications include links to online videos to view the complete selection.

“Increased production coupled with consumer demands for food safety assurance require good manufacturing practices and the training to support them, at all levels of the grain market,” said Charles Hurburgh, professor-in-charge of the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative. “Market activities are much more interrelated than in the past.”

A wide variety of issues are examined in the series, including drying, aeration, grain storage, mycotoxins, processing, rendering, quality assurance and safety, sanitation and pest management and preventive maintenance. Modules also include information on the beef, dairy cattle, poultry and swine industries.

When accessed through the Certified Crop Adviser program at Iowa State, the modules also can be used to gain continuing education credits.

The Iowa Grain Quality Initiative partnered with Kansas State University in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration project to produce the series for training new employees or inspectors. The material include changes called for with the recent modernization of the nation’s food safety laws.

This list includes the publication’s title and number:
• Dryeration, CROP 3083A
• Aeration, CROP 3083B
• Fan Performance, CROP 3083C
• Grain Drying Economics, CROP 3083D
• Grain Storage Economics
• Mycotoxins 1: Mycotoxin Development, CROP 3083F
• Mycotoxins 2: Best Practices in Handling and Testing, CROP 3083G
• Grain Chain Analysis, CROP 3083H
• Grain and Oilseed Basics, CROP 3083I
• Corn Processing, CROP 3083J
• Oilseed Processing, CROP 3083K
• Wheat Processing, CROP 3083L
• Grain & Oilseed Risk, CROP 3083M
• Rendered Ingredients, CROP 3083N
• Non-Grain By-Product Ingredients, CROP 3083O
• Medicated Feed Additives and Other Regulated Ingredients, CROP 3083P
• Production Animal Digestion and Nutrition, CROP 3083Q
• Production Animal Feed Formulation, CROP 3083R
• Quality Assurance and Safety, CROP 3083S
• Sanitation and Pest Management, CROP 3083T
• Preventive Maintenance, CROP 3083U
• Beef Industry, CROP 3083V
• Dairy Industry, CROP 3083W
• Poultry Industry, CROP 3083X
• Swine Industry, CROP 3083Y

Iowa State contributors were Greg Brenneman, agricultural engineering specialist; Steve Johnson, farm management specialist; Erin Bowers, postdoctorate research associate in agriculture and biosystems engineering; Alison Robertson, associate professor and extension specialist in plant pathology and microbiology; Connie Hardy, specialist in value added agriculture; Heather Snyder, lecturer and extension specialist; Gretchen Mosher, assistant professor in agricultural and biosystems engineering; Megan Smith, veterinary specialist with the Centers for Food Security and Public Health; and Howard Shepherd, former extension program specialist with the Center for Crops Utilization Research; and Hurburgh.

Kansas State contributors were Cassie Jones, assistant professor of feed technology; Charles Stark, associate professor of feed technology; Bhadriraju Subramanyam, distinguished professor in grain science; Carlos Campabadal, specialist of integrated pest management.

Adam Fahrenholz, assistant professor of feed milling and poultry science at North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension also wrote sections of the series.