Biofilter Conference to Present Latest Odor Mitigation Technologies

Biofilter use at a swine facility.

AMES, Iowa — Iowa State University will host a conference Aug. 20 covering the latest biofilter technologies that can be used to reduce odors from animal-feeding operations.

“Biofilters can be an effective means to reduce odor and other gas emissions from ventilated animal and manure storage facilities,” said Steve Hoff, professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering at Iowa State. “The conference will outline factors such as costs, effectiveness, management and other details, and provide sources of science-based information on biofilters.”

He said producers and managers of animal-feeding operations will likely be interested in attending, as well as extension field specialists in agricultural engineering and animal science, commodity organization representatives and staff members from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the federal Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The conference schedule includes:

  • a session of researchers from several universities describing a variety of biofilter designs
  • a discussion with livestock producers who have on-farm experience with biofilters
  • funding opportunities for biofilter installation
  • a demonstration of biofilter operation with an Iowa State biofilter mobile unit.

The conference will begin at 8 a.m. at the Scheman Building on the ISU campus. Early registration is due by midnight Aug. 12, either online or by mail.