Iowa State Animal Scientist Helps Coordinate Swine Genome Program

Chris Tuggle
Chris Tuggle

AMES, Iowa — Chris Tuggle, Iowa State University professor of animal science, has been named co-coordinator of the U.S. Swine Genome Coordination Program.

Tuggle will coordinate the program with Cathy Ernst, a professor of animal science at Michigan State University.

The program facilitates sharing of genomic tools and sequence information to understand the mechanism affecting genetic traits; arranges the distribution of animals and genomic data; and helps develop bioinformatics resources to aid researchers around the nation. A draft sequence of the pig genome was completed and published in 2012.

”Coordination of USDA animal genome research through this program has been extremely successful in the past, and has led to multiple multi-state collaborative projects,” said Tuggle. “I look forward to helping scientists work together to advance our understanding of the pig genome.”

In 1993, the research arm of the USDA decided it would support cooperation and collaboration among genome scientists working with livestock and set up a competitive request to select coordinators for swine, cattle, sheep and horses. Max Rothschild, C.F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture at Iowa State, was selected to be the first swine coordinator and served for 20 years.

The Swine Genome Coordination Program was renewed in September for a five-year period with funding from the National Research Support Program.