Web Site Offers Advice to Livestock and Poultry Producers Coping With High Corn Prices

AMES, Iowa — A new Iowa State University Web site is designed to help livestock and poultry producers find a place for their operations in the bioeconomy. "The emerging ethanol industry creates new opportunities and challenges for livestock and poultry producers," said John Lawrence, economics professor who directs the Iowa Beef Center. "On one hand, it's use of corn presents competition for feed, but ethanol processing produces a new feedstuff, distillers grains with solubles (DGS)."  Livestock and Poultry in the Bioeconomy is the title of the site. The site offers advice to beef, swine, dairy and poultry producers through reports, software and links to other Web sites. Most of the information deals with feeding DGS and the economics of the new feed source. "Cash receipts from animal agriculture make up more than half of Iowa's cash farm receipts, and nationally livestock and poultry production is the largest use for corn," Lawrence said. "This site is a resource for the latest research from Iowa State and other universities on feeding and managing ethanol co-products."