Nate Gebel: Hixson Scholarship Opportunity Award Opened Doors for Nate and Others

From Scholarship Winner, to Flag Football Playing, Story Telling, Student Mentoring, College Instructor.In 1995 Nate Gebel was a member of the first group of students to receive the Hixson Scholarship Opportunity Award.

“I didn’t expect to even be considered for such an award. Winning it was overwhelming. It allowed me to go straight to a four-year college – straight to Iowa State,” says Nate Gebel. “More than sixteen years later I’m still thankful that I filled out that application.”

Perhaps no member of the first Hixson graduating class represents the lasting impact of the program better than Gebel (’99 ag education). Now a community college instructor, he remembers when going to college was a gigantic “maybe.” He went on to earn a master’s degree and served as a role model for his two sisters.

“Hixson helped my whole family go to college,” Gebel says.

Gebel has become something of an ambassador for the Hixson program and for Iowa State.

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The Hixson Opportunity Award is a half-tuition grant to be used at Iowa State University. One hundred high school seniors from across Iowa receive the award each year.

To apply for the Hixson Opportunity Award