Koltes Receives Early Advisor Award

Dawn Koltes, Assistant Professor in Animal Science, Iowa State UniversityDawn Koltes, assistant professor in animal science, is the recipient of the 2022 Early Advisor Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. She not only advises students on the course to complete a degree, but also serves as a career mentor. She provides guidance on electives and extracurricular activities that students can take advantage of to help progress towards their career goals, as well as guiding undergraduate students through individualized research programs. Koltes also understands that not all students come into college with the same background. A common example of this in animal science would be students who do not have family or close friends involved in agriculture. She identifies activities students can become involved in to gain more experience with various careers and species.

Koltes serves as advisor of the Block and Bridle Club’s poultry interest group and chair for the Department of Animal Science Quadrathalon. She works closely with competing students to improve soft skills such as confidence, teamwork and communication. She also serves as faculty advisor for Sigma Alpha, the professional agriculture sorority. A colleague states, “Student-centered, committed and passionate are three words to summarize Dr. Dawn Koltes and her approach to advising whether it be academic, research or career related.”