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Relevant Webinars

Improving Flexibility of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy N-Load Model: Use at the Watershed Scale

Learn about the N-Load model used to develop the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, and refinements that are being made to improve its accuracy and suitability to use at the watershed scale. This presentation was given by INRC Assistant Director Dr. Kay Stefanik, for an Iowa Learning Farms webinar, July 27, 2022.

Wonders of Iowa Wetlands - May 2021

This webinar, which aired May 25, 2021, kicks off the series “Profiles in the Wonders of Iowa’s Wetlands” created by the Iowa Nutrient Research Center and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Presenters Kay Stefanik, INRC Assistant Director, and Adam Janke, wildlife specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and an assistant professor of natural resource ecology and management. They introduce the series and review types of wetlands found in Iowa, their functions and ecology, and the beneficial goods and services they can provide.

Conservation Station On The Edge Demonstration

INRC Director Matt Helmers narrates a short video demonstrating nutrient-reduction processes for a saturated riparian buffer and a bioreactor for an Iowa Learning Farms Conservation Station On The Edge Demonstration. 

The Nitrogen Cycle

This video is a combined presentation by Mike Castellano, an Iowa State assistant professor of agronomy, and Matt Helmers, an Iowa State agricultural and biosystems engineering professor. Castellano presents information on the soil nitrogen cycle. Helmers discusses drainage and nitrate loss.