INRC Research Seminar Series: Reducing Nutrient Losses for Arkansas Agriculture - Results from the Arkansas Discovery Farm Program

Presenter: Mike Daniels, Extension Professor for Soil and Water Conservation with the Crops, Soils and Environmental Sciences Department at the University of Arkansas. 

His research program focuses on practices that reduce nutrient losses from agriculture, defining and building soil health, improving irrigation efficiency and edge-of-field monitoring of runoff.  His statewide Extension efforts encourage agricultural producers to adopt conservation practices to protect natural resources and improve agricultural sustainability.

Watch the recording of this event:


INRC Fall Seminar Series: Managing lakes for harmful algal blooms in the face of climate change - Are we running to stay in place?  

INRC Fall Water Research Seminar Series
September 23, 2020 

Presenter: Grace Wilkinson, assistant professor, Iowa State University 

This talk will explore the how the processes that drive harmful algal blooms in lakes are changing, particularly here in the Midwest, and how to respond to these challenges to maintain lake ecosystem services. 

Conservation Station On The Edge Demonstration

INRC Director Matt Helmers narrates a short video demonstrating nutrient-reduction processes for a saturated riparian buffer and a bioreactor for an Iowa Learning Farms Conservation Station On The Edge Demonstration. 

CREP Wetlands with Dr. William Crumpton

Dr. William Crumpton explores a Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program wetland and discusses the role they play in nutrient reduction. A conversation with INRC Director Matt Helmers, for a Conservation Learning Lab project led by the Iowa Learning Farms. More

Introducing the Iowa Water Quality Research Map

This short video introduces the Iowa Water Quality Research Map, its features and how it works. Narrated by INRC Assistant Director Kay Stefanik. (3.34 minutes). 

Overview of the Iowa Nutrient Research Center

Iowa Nutrient Research Center Assistant Director Kay Stefanik discusses the center, its current activities and accomplishments, and some of the impacts from the research projects it has funded, during a January 15, 2020, webinar hosted by Iowa Learning Farms.   

The Right Strategies: Making Cover Crops Work for Iowa Farmers and Water Quality
Water Quality Research with the National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment - N O 3 & Me

Presented by Dan Jaynes, Soil scientist, USDA Agriculture Research Service, recently retired

Looking in the Rearview Mirror: Some Thoughts on the Future of Nutrient Management in Iowa

Presented by Pete Nowak, Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin.

The Nitrogen Cycle

This video is a combined presentation by Mike Castellano, an Iowa State assistant professor of agronomy, and Matt Helmers, an Iowa State agricultural and biosystems engineering professor. Castellano presents information on the soil nitrogen cycle. Helmers discusses drainage and nitrate loss.