Harvested winter rye energy cover crop: multiple benefits for North Central US

August 15, 2023

A publication in Bioenergy Research Letters by INRC Director Matt Helmers and others, reports findings of a model-based investigation on the potential benefits of growing winter rye as a cover crop as part of corn-soybean rotations in the North-Central Region of the U.S. They concluded that harvesting fertilized rye CCs before soybean planting in this area could reduce nitrogen loads to the Gulf of Mexico by 27% relative to no cover crops, while providing an estimated 18 million Mg yr−1 of biomass-equivalent to 0.21 EJ yr−1 of biogas energy content (3.5 times the 2022 US cellulosic biofuel production).

RegenPGC - Perennial Groundcover Approaches to Pressing Conservation Challenges

Morrill Professor Raj Raman, in Iowa State University's Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, and collaborators at The Land Institute and Corteva, discuss the RegenPGC vision for Midwest cropping systems. Early research -- including by professors Ken Moore, agronomy, and Shuizhang Fei, horticulture -- to investigate the potential of perennial groundcovers for Midwest cropping systems received initial "seed" funding from the Iowa Nutrient Research Center.

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