Research Publications



Peer-reviewed journal publications related to Iowa Nutrient Research Center-funded projects are now available as PDFs in the INRC Digital Repository at, part of the Iowa Research Commons. INRC thanks the Iowa State University Library for its assistance to make these publications more widely accessible.  




Iowa Nutrient Research Center 2021 Annual Review

Iowa Nutrient Research Center 2020 Annual Review and 2020 2020 Video Update

Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy Annual Progress Report 2017-2018 (March 2019).

Iowa Nutrient Research Center Accomplishments, 2013-2018 (November 2018).

Iowa Nutrient Research Center Research Summary Handout (March 2016). 



Iowa Prairie Seed Calculator. Tallgrass Prairie Center – University of Northern Iowa.

Linking Nutrient Reduction Practices with Biomass Energy: Quantifying Thermal Energy Demand and Supply Capacity for Representative Farms in Eastern Iowa. Tallgrass Prairie Center – University of Northern Iowa.

Reducing Nutrient Loss: Science Shows What Works. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach publication (SP435A/ rev. October 2019). 

Understanding farmer and landowner decision-making and message preference concerning conservation practice adoption in the Clear Creek Watershed. 2019. [Technical report]. M.M. Ruxton, E.O. Heiden, N. Begum, and M.E. Losch. Center for Social and Behavioral Research, University of Northern Iowa. 

Whole Farm Conservation Best Practices Manual. 2020. Conservation Learning Group. ISU Extension Store publication CLG 105.

Grazing and Livestock

Best Management Practices for Fall Grazing Cover Crops. Infographic - Iowa Beef Center. (November 2018)

Enhancing the Value of Cover Crops through Utilization by Beef Stocker Cattle: Progress Report (Year 2) (ASL R3225).

A Field Guide to Winter Cereal Rye Forage Quality (ASL R3309).

Grazing Fall-Seeded Cover Crops with Fall-Calving Cow-Calf Pairs (RFR-A18120).

Grazing Fall-Seeded Cover Crops with Stocker Cattle (RFR-A1953).

Grazing Opportunities with Cereal Rye link opens in new window/tab  (IBC 128).

Herbicide Use May Restrict Grazing Options for Cover Crops link opens in new window/tab (CROP 3082).

Managing Cattle Health Issues When Grazing Cover Crops (IBC 129).