Completing Three Corn-Soybean Rotation Cycles for Ongoing Research on Impacts of Cover Crops on Phosphorus and Nitrogen Loss with Surface Runoff

Aug 2020


This project will continue developing a field-scale study under natural rainfall that has been evaluating impacts of cover crops on soil, nitrogen and phosphorus losses with surface runoff for corn-soybean rotations managed with tillage and no tillage. The assessment of dissolved N and P loss with surface runoff -- in addition to evaluating the influence of conservation practices to reduce soil erosion and particulate (sediment bound P) N and P loss -- has become especially important because dissolved N and P are the most biologically active runoff fractions for impairing water quality.


This project will continue to evaluate the impacts of cereal rye cover crops with tillage and no-till systems for corn-soybean rotations on soil, P and N loss with surface runoff, with an emphasis on evaluating potential synergistic, unintended consequences of nutrient reduction practices.


Researchers will complete three corn-soybean rotation cycles of an ongoing INRC project, to assess impacts from a winter cereal rye cover crop with tillage or no-till management on losses with surface runoff of soil, sediment-bound N and P, and dissolved N and P, from a 42-acre field testing high to very high in soil-test P and managed with recommended N management. Results will be shared with stakeholders through outreach activities during and after the funding period.

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