Pilot Scale Bioreactor

Pilot bioreactors

Title:  Bioreactor research & assessment of woodchip tile denitrification bioreactors: Optimal design/performance and experimental bioreactor installation and study

Location:  Iowa State University Ag Engineering and Agronomy Farm, Boone

Time Period:  2013-2016

Research Team:  Michelle Soupir, Natasha Hoover, Timothy Goode, and Richard VanDePol

Project Description:  A total of nine pilot-scale bioreactors were installed in 2014, and initial characteristic evaluation was completed in 2015. The reactors were designed to maximize flexibility in experimental design, allowing for potential variation in the main parameters influencing bioreactor performance: influent water quality, HRT, and bioreactor fill material. The pilot-scale bioreactor research site at the ISU ABE Research Farm is a valuable tool for evaluating denitrification bioreactors, allowing for control of multiple factors under environmental conditions representative of changing field conditions.

Publications:  Hoover, N.L., M.L. Soupir, R.D. VanDePol, T.R. Goode, J.Y. Law. 2016. Technical Note: Pilot-Scale Denitrification Bioreactors for Replicated Field Research. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 33(1): 83-90.

Funders:  Iowa Nutrient Research Center

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