Nutrient Management

Patrick Wall
Beef Specialist - Extension and Outreach
Beef Nutrition, Pasture and Forage Management, Grazing Management
Michael Witt
Field Agronomist - Extension and Outreach
Agronomy, Crop Management


Headshot of Matt Helmers
Director, Iowa Nutrient Research Center, Dean's Professor in the College of Ag and Life Sciences , Professor, Department of Ag and Biosystems Engineering
Agricultural water management, Drainage, Engineering


Headshot of Wendy Borja-Diaz
INRC-CALS Accountant
Financial management
Headshot of Malcolm Robertson
Program Specialist
Sustainable agriculture. Alternative agriculture. Crop protection
Headshot of Ann Robinson
Communications Specialist
Agriculture Communications, Science communications
Headshot of Kay Stefanik
Assistant Director
Water quality


Dan Andersen
Associate Professor - Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Elliot Anderson
Postdoctoral Research Scholar - IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering
Water Quality Monitoring
J. Arbuckle
Professor - Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Farmer and Stakeholder Decision Making, Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll
Sotirios Archontoulis
Associate Professor - Department of Agronomy
Soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, Cropping systems, Decision support tools
Antonio Arenas Amado
Assistant Professor - Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Climate change adaptation, Nutrient fate and transport, Water resources managment
Billy Beck
Assistant Professor - Extension Forestry Specialist - Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Forestry, Water quality, Riparian Management
Jamie Benning
Assistant Director for Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension and Outreach
Water quality
Michael Castellano
Professor- Agronomy
Biogeochemical Cycling and Transport of Nitrogen, Agroecosystem Ecology
Chris Clark
Beef Specialist - Extension and Outreach
Pasture and Forage Management, Grazing Management, Water quality
Jacqueline Comito
Program Director - Iowa Learning Farms
Anthropology, Conservation and Environmental Attitudes, Communication Strategies - Language and Behavior
William Crumpton
Professor - Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
Nitrate Removal Wetlands
Rick Cruse
Professor- Agronomy, Director - Iowa Water Center
Soil Erosion, Soil Management, Soil Physical Properties
Liang Dong
Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Agricultural Sensors, Biosensors
Michael Dorneich
Associate Professor - Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Human-Machine Systems, Adaptive Systems, Decision-Support Systems
Shui-zhang Fei
Professor - Department of Horticulture
Mechanistic Controls of Agronomic Trait Development, Perennial Grasses
Hongli Feng
Assistant Professor - Economics
Agricultural and Natural Resources Economics
Philip Gassman
Research Scientist III - Center for Agricultural & Rural Develop
Modeling, Economics
Brian Gelder
Scientist II
Soil, Water
David Green
Research Scientist III - Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
Mazhar Haq
Assistant Scientist II - Agronomy
Fertilizer and Manure application, Foliar Fertilization
Chad Hart
Professor - Department of Economics
Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Policy, Risk Management
Matthew Helmers
Professor - Agricutlural & Biosystems Engineering, Director - Iowa Nutrient Research Center
Agricultural water management, Drainage, Engineering
Daryl Herzmann
Systems Analyst III - Agronomy
Data Management
Erin Hodgson
Professor - Entomology
Field Crop Insects, Integrated Pest Management
Joseph Honings
Hydrogeologist, IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering
Water Quality Monitoring
Natasha Hoover
Research Scientist II - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Water quality
Adina Howe
Associate Professor - Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering
Microbiology, Metagenomics, Computational Biology
Tom Isenhart
Professor - Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Water quality
Laura Jackson
Professor - Biology, Director - Tallgrass Prairie Center
Plant Ecology, Tallgrass Prairie Restoration, Biological Diversity in Agricultural Landscape
Adam Janke
Associate Professor - Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife-Habitat Relationships, Wetlands
Yongjie Ji
Research Scientist - Economics
Non-Market Valuation, Agricultural Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics
Amy Kaleita
Professor - Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Precision Conservation, Remote Sensing, Crop and Hydrologic Modeling
John Kovar
Affiliate Associate Professor - Agronomy
Nutrient Management, Soil-Plant Relationships
David Kwaw-Mensah
Assistant Teaching Professor - Agronomy
Soil Management, Agricultural Landuse Planning
Petro Kyveryga
Affiliate Associate Professor - Agronomy
Ji Yeow Law
Engineer I - Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Water quality, Water Resources
Leonor Leandro
Associate Professor - Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Field Crops, Mycology, Disease Management
Jaejin Lee
Research Scientist III - Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering
Mark Licht
Assistant Professor - Agronomy, Extension Cropping Systems Specialist - Extension and Outreach
Cover Crop Management, Cropping System Management
Charlie Loewen
Assistant Professor - Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
Amy Logan
GIS Analyst - Institute for Design Research & Outreach
GIS Mapping, Environmental Conservation Planning and Mapping, Remote Sensing
Mary Losch
Director - Center for Social and Behavioral Research, Professor - Psychology
Psycology, Human Attitudes and Behaviors, Survey Methods
Chaoqun Lu
Associate Professor - Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
Ecosystem Modeling, Global Biogeochemistry, Macro-systems Ecology