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Dr. Keith Schilling

State Geologist of Iowa
Iowa Geological Survey Director
Keith Schilling

Projects: Quantifying nutrient load reduction practices and export at field and landscape scales (2023)

Evaluating the effectiveness of stacked practices: Utilizing modified blind inlets at terrace sites for N and P load reductions (2022)

Evaluating the relation of phosphorus to turbidity during high flow events in western Iowa rivers to improve phosphorus load estimates (2022)

Extending saturated buffers to additional landscape positions (2022)

Developing design criteria to test a new saturated waterway conservation practice (2021)

Dam! Impacts of Beaver Dams on Surface and Groundwater Quality (2020)

Evaluating the Relation of Total Phosphorus to Turbidity During High Flow Events to Improve Quantification of Phosphorus Export from Iowa Rivers (2020)

Evaluating the Potential for Drainageways to Serve as Test Sites for Innovative Grass Waterway Designs (2019)

Evaluating the Water Quality Benefits of Reconstructed Multi-purpose Oxbows (2019)

Watershed-scale Phosphorus Inputs from Streambanks (2019)

Quantifying the Effects of BMPs on Sediment and Phosphorus Delivery to a Range of Eastern Iowa Rivers (2018)

Baseline Assessment of Geisler Farm Site: Collection of Pre-BMP Monitoring Data (2017)

Total Phosphorus Loads in Iowa Rivers and Estimation of Stream Bank Phosphorus Contribution (2017)

Evaluating the Nutrient Processing Capacity of Roadside Ditches (2016)

Improving the Capacity to Detect Load Reductions (2016)

Phosphorus Contributions from Eroding Iowa Stream Banks (2016)

Identifying and Quantifying Nutrient Reduction Benefits of Restored Oxbows (2015)

Quantification of Nutrient Reduction Practices Benefits from the Hillslope to the Watershed Scale (2015)

Measuring the Effectiveness of Stacked Nutrient Reduction Practices (2014)

Modeling of Nitrate Loads and Concentrations in the Raccoon River (2014)

Nonpoint Source Nitrogen and Phosphorous Loads at Implementation Scale: Direct Agricultural Nutrient Loads to Surface Waters in Relation to Land Use and Management (2013)

Phosphorus Transport in Iowa Streams: Importance of Stream Bed and Bank Erosion (2013)

Area of Expertise: 
Nonpoint Source Pollution