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IIHR water quality research plan

Aug 2023


As called upon by the Iowa Legislature, farmers, researchers and Iowa’s leaders have been tasked to work together to develop solutions to its complex nutrient management challenges that consider Iowa’s variable watersheds and landscapes and provide a holistic approach to meeting the goals of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy (INRS).



To understand how to effectively manage our agricultural systems while balancing a safe and healthy environment, new practices, scientific strategies, and a more in-depth understanding of the biological, chemical and hydrological processes are required for Iowa to achieve its stated goals for environmental outcomes.


IIHR’s water quality research main activity will include tracking, evaluating, and documenting water quality, stream discharge, and weather data that will help document progress towards INRS goals and the effectiveness of the various component strategies of Iowa’s water quality policy. This will be achieved through the implementation of the INRC sensor network and the continued use and development of the Iowa Water Quality Information System (IWQIS).