Focus on the Future - INRC Water Quality Research Seminar - May

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - 3:10pm

The Iowa Nutrient Research Center's Spring 2024 Seminar Series will Focus on the Future – Students & Their Contributions to Water Quality Research. Hybrid monthly sessions from 3:10-4:00 p.m. take place online and at 1306 Elings Hall on the Iowa State University campus.
Get them on your calendar: Feb. 14, March 6, April 10, and May 8.

Sessions feature current and former graduate students who are or have been involved with water quality research at Iowa State.

Michael Rohde
Michael Rohde

Of water and wildlife: Evaluating potential wildlife responses to working land water conservation.                                           Presenter: Michael Rohde, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management. Advisor: Adam Janke

Iowa's urbanized and agricultural landscape has caused water quality degradation and loss of species. Conservation groups are working to protect these resources, but they o3en lack coordination. To provide insight on the impact of water quality conservation on wildlife, we esmated occupancy of key Species of Greatest Conservaon Need (SGCN) across Iowa informed by the Iowa Mulitple Species Inventory and Monitoring (MSIM) long-term dataset and the simulated various scenarios of water quality conservation using the Agricultural Conservaon Planning Framework (ACPF) to estimate potential e6ects of water quality conservation on the distribution of SGCN in Iowa.


Alexandria Logan
Alexandria Logan

Managing crop residue to reduce AONR for water quality.
Presenter: Alexandria Logan, Department of Agronomy. Advisor: Michael Castellano

With renewed interest in using crop residue as biofuels and increasing yields, research aiming to understand the effects of residue management on the soil nitrogen cycle is necessary. This research evaluates crop residue management's influence on optimum nitrogen rates, focusing on the subsequent corn crop.




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