Focus on the Future – Students & Their Contributions to Water Quality Research

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 - 3:10pm

The Iowa Nutrient Research Center's Fall 2023 Seminar Series will Focus on the Future – Students & Their Contributions to Water Quality Research.
Each session includes a current and former graduate student who has been involved with water quality research at an Iowa university.

NOTE: This seminar takes place in a different room in Elings Hall (3306) than the other events in this series.

Presenter: Zhushan Du, PhD student, Department of Economics

Topic: How Carbon Payment Schemes Affect Farmers' Enrollment Decisions and Implications on Nutrient Reduction

With the backdrop of growing interest and potentially large financial investments flowing into agricultural conservation practice, this research aims to understand the effects of different carbon payment schemes. We evaluate how carbon credit programs will affect nutrient loss reduction with a focus on farmers’ decision-making regarding program participation.


Presenter: Elliot Anderson, postdoctoral research scholar, IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering

Topic: A breakdown of Iowa’s nutrient loads: N and P’s speciation and spatial variation

Iowa’s stream nitrogen and phosphorus loads, the primary drivers of eutrophication, consist of various chemical forms. This study quantifies these chemical forms at a statewide scale, specifically investigating proportions of total nitrogen (as nitrate, organic nitrogen, and ammonia) and total phosphorus (as orthophosphate and particulate phosphorus) found throughout Iowa. It also examines spatial patterns across several of Iowa’s subwatersheds.


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Each session will be recorded, with speakers’ permission, and posted on the INRC’s website.

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