2020 Drainage Research Forum Presentation Recordings Now Online

December 10, 2020

The 2020 annual Drainage Research Forum was held December 1, from 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (CDT), via Zoom. The event was jointly sponsored by the University of Minnesota, Iowa State University, South Dakota State University and the Iowa Soybean Association and highlights projects supported by the Iowa Nutrient Research Center. 

The free program consisted of presentations of results and updates of drainage research projects from across the U.S. The recorded presentations are now available on Youtube at the links below. Thanks to the presenters who shared information on their research and projects.

The  event included sessions on a variety of drainage issues and research topics relevant to the upper Midwest and of interest to drainage stakeholders, including state and federal agency staff, county supervisors, crop consultants, academics, contractors, farmers and others. Download a copy of the agenda

word cloud from drainage forum participants

Word cloud from survey of participants' top interests in Drainage Research Forum 2020. 

Recorded Sessions from December 1, 2020 

Session 1 Talks: 8:30 –10:00
•A research update from the coolest drainage plots in Minnesota –Lindsay Pease, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
•Building on a baseline -Finding harmony for tile drainage in South Dakota –John McMaine, Assistant Professor, South Dakota State University
•Edge-of-Field P loss in cold climates –MerrinMacrae, Professor, University of Waterloo
•Can we filter dissolved phosphorus from non-point drainage in Midwest with phosphorus removal structures? –Chad Penn, Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS

Session 2 Talks: 10:30 –12:00
•A chip off the ole block: Woodchips for denitrifying bioreactors –Laura Christianson, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
•Design drainage rates to optimize crop production for subsurface-drained farms –Ehsan Ghane, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
•Drainage water recycling in Iowa –Sam Phillips, Graduate Assistant, Iowa State University
•The development of automated drainage water management in North Carolina –Chad Poole, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University

Session 3 Talks: 1:00 –3:00
•Cropped depressions can be hotspots of nutrient losses in tile-drained catchments –Steven Hall, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
•Drainage for the long-haul: Impacts on crop yields and soil health –Eileen Kladivko, Professor, Purdue University
•NutriNet: Coordinated site network for studying the impacts of 4R nutrient –Alison Eagle, Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund
•Investigating the impact of ET model choice for DRAINMOD in the upper Midwest –Mike Talbot, Water Resources Engineer, Emmons & Olivier Resources, Inc.

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