#CALSproud COVID-19 Response - Faculty finding success in online delivery of courses

Submitted by Bertan Turhan, assistant professor, Department of Economics:

"I met with my students on Webex. All of the students attended and (surprisingly) nobody left during the lecture. Webex performed very well. I used two different accounts to participate in the lecture. I used one of them on my iPad and I shared my iPad screen so that they were all able to see what I was writing. I used notability to write on. The second account was via my computer so that I watched myself to see how my iPad screen and my voice were received. Everything went smooth and fine for today. Especially for graduate courses, I think teaching on iPad or another tablet via programs such as notability is great. Students seems to really like it."

Submitted by Betsy Hoffman, professor, Department of Economics:

"I taught my first undergraduate class (Econ 344) on Webex through Canvas this afternoon. I also taught it synchronously with slides posted and online chat. Almost everyone was there on their computers. I don’t think anyone was on a cell phone. Students were attentive and participated more than usual, I think because of the live online chat feature. I would say the class went extremely well and the students told me they were grateful for a synchronous class. They said they miss being on campus."

Submitted by Kevin Kimle, associate teaching professor, Department of Economics:

"Going against CELT guidance, I did three classes today [Monday] live using Zoom and it went well (and recorded them also). I think I had all 55 students in Econ 334 on at the same time, and it worked well. They answered questions, I could call on them, the white board tool worked, no barking dogs, etc."